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      Slider issue 11


      Stories by Christopher Ringrose, Bethany Williams, Michael Garvey, Vicki Thornton & Siobhán Harte. Cover by Laurie Kang.

      Stories by John Bartlett, Mark Brandi, John Christensen, John Connell and Laurie Myers-Bishop. Cover by Aleana Egan

      Issue 9 of The South Circular. Stories by Mary McGill, Mary O'Donoghue, Warwick Sprawson and Gila Green. Cover by Dave Comiskey

      Nominated for a writing.ie Short Story of the Year Award 2014 for Danielle McLaughlin's story 'Five Days to Polling Day'. Stories by Víctor Balcells Matas, Ronan Flaherty, Danielle McLaughlin and…

      Stories by Krishan Coupland, Jonathan Gibbs, Shane Mac an Bhaird and Hila Shachar. Cover by Philip White.

      Stories by Helen Chandler, Pierce Gleeson, Séan Kenny & Tim Smyth. Cover by Hannah Doyle/DoyleyDesigns.

      Stories by Patrick Gleeson, Barry McKinley, EM Reapy & Alice Walsh. Cover by M&E.

      Stories by Anthony Colclough, Michael Naghten Shanks, Margaret O'Brien & Cathal Wogan. Cover by Reuben Whitehouse/Rocketfuelled.

      Stories by Colm Brennan, Donna McCabe, Oisín McKenna & Nathan O'Donnell. Cover by Sarah Bodil Hansen.

      Stories by Sheila Armstrong, Paddy Doherty, Andrew Meehan & Albert Moore. Cover by John Cowhie.

      Stories by Adrian Duncan, Shane Hulgraine, Eddie Stack & Eley Williams. Cover by Fuchsia Macaree.


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